“Avoid The Resolution Rush” Jumpstart: FREE 2-Week Challenge

Avoid The Resolution Rush Fitness Challenge


Time Line:  14-Day Challenge Begins December 15, 2013 (Full 30-day Challenge start date extended to January 5th, 2014)

Weekly Challenge Calendars (click to enlarge):

***Disclaimer:  Please follow this challenge at your own risk–if you are unsure of how to use proper form follow the apps instructions/demos for the workout.

“Week 1 Challenge” “Week 2 Challenge”

General Commitment Requirements (for full challenge): 

1.     Go to www.beachbodycoach.com/SARAHGLOSES and add me as your free coach by signing up for the free membership (please make sure you have selected the free membership option).  If you already have a Beachbody Account and want to switch coaches please e-mail CoachRelations@teambeachbody.com and ask to have me added as your new coach–>Coach Name:  Sarah Griffin (SarahGLoses) Coach ID: 312195

2.     If you do not yet own a Beachbody Program, please use the above link to go through to my shop and purchase a program for the challenge.   For the best deal you should consider purchasing the challenge pack associated with the program of interest (you will get a month supply Shakeology with your program along with other bonuses).

3.     You must be committed to following the scheduled Beachbody workouts throughout the course of the challenge (there will be a reminder calendar posted).  You must also be committed to following the nutrition plan associated with your program (or another comparable nutrition plan).  It will help to track your foods using MyFitnessPal and it is recommended that you sign-up for a free account and add me, SarahGLoses as your friend.

4.     Follow Sarah Griff-Fit on Facebook and join the Facebook Challenge Group (Avoid The Resolution Rush-December Challenge).

5.     Please take a moment to fill out the linked form (this will help me assess your goals and current level of fitness to pick a program that works for you).

6.     Before/During/After Photos and Stats:  You will be required to share your progress photos throughout the course of the challenge.  If you are hesitant of sharing this through IG or FB that is ok—you can email them to me directly.  **Note:  sharing through these outlets is a way to keep you accountable and keep you motivated.  If you would like anonymity, but want to share we can block out your face and I can share on your behalf.

7.     Group participation:  You should participate in the FB group by sharing details of your daily workouts and weekly progress.  You can also share recipes, meals, and your struggles and wins.

(If you are posting to IG please hashtag your daily photos with #sarah_griff_fit #avoidtheresolutionrush #decemberchallenge)

8.     Weekly Challenge Assignments:  Each week I will post an assignment for you to complete.  It could be anything from drinking more water to finding a workout buddy within the group.  Be sure to check pinned posts for details.


1.     What if I can’t afford the challenge pack for the program I am interested in?

a.     There are many other affordable Beachbody programs available (as low as $40) and you will be allowed to join this challenge with the purchase of ANY program (so long as you fully commit to following it each day).

2.     Do I need to use a Beachbody Program to commit to the challenge?

a.     For this challenge you will need to follow one of the Beachbody programs (i.e. Turbofire, P90X, P90X2, P90X3, Insanity T25, etc). —-OR—- If you chose not to follow one of these fitness programs you can still participate if you sign-up for a monthly supply of Shakeology HD while performing your own fitness routine.

3.     What will my workout program be if I chose not to do a Beachbody program.

a.     This is fully up to you!!  You just need to commit to putting in a 30-60 minute workout every day where a workout is required (and drink your Shakeology).  If you need help figuring out a routine let me know and we can think of something.

4.     What Beachbody Program is right for me?

a.     If you have questions regarding which program to choose please contact me directly and we will work on finding something that is suitable to your goals and current fitness level.

5.     Is there a way I can save on the Beachbody Programs? Shakeology?

a.     YES!  When you purchase a challenge pack you can sign-up as a coach and have your coaching fee waived.  Coaches receive a 25% discount on future purchases of the all programs and Shakeology HD orders.

b.     If you purchase the P90X3 challenge pack before the end of December you can buy it at the intro price of $180 (includes free hat and workout)


1.     All participants (that purchase a new Beachbody program and complete the challenge) will receive a free “This Beauty Trains Like A Beast” workout tank.

2.     The top 3 participants (based on over results and level of participation) will receive gifts that are TBD.

Again, thank you so much for your interest in making a change in yourself for life.  I look forward to having you in our challenge group and have faith that with my help you can achieve your weight loss goals.


Sarah (sarah_griff_fit)


Getting Started: The Why

I initially started this journey because I was fed up with the excuses. I knew I was stuck and that something needed to change, but I dragged my feet.  I dragged them long and hard.

Why was I holding myself back?  What was I afraid of?  Was I afraid that I would fail?

The truth?   I didn’t realize I was in that bad of shape and hadn’t notice that I had gotten so big.  I thought that I hid my weight well and that the excuse of being a new mom was enough to keep others from noticing.  Boy, oh boy, was I wrong.  I was in flat out denial.

I didn’t think others would take notice because I was only within 12 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight (not a healthy weight either).  What I didn’t realize was that my body wasn’t carrying the weight so well anymore.  I was lumpy fat, not fit fat.  This reality bomb really hit me after seeing photos from a couple of my friends’ weddings (see below).  Have you ever played the game “one of these things is not like the other”?  I was the “thing”.


August 2012–218lbs+(we didn’t have a scale)



October 2012

How had I let myself get to this point?  How did it happen?

Plain and simple, I justified every action with an excuse.  I could eat that extra cookie because I “needed” the calories to produce enough milk to continue nursing my son.  We “needed” to order take out because I was too exhausted to cook a healthy meal.  I couldn’t go to the gym or exercise because I would lose my supply.  The list was endless.  I would continuously set goals in my head and plan on starting next week, but the following week would come and nothing would stick.

Come January 2013, I didn’t even bother with resolutions, I felt defeated and figured I couldn’t stick to anything until I was ready to wean my son.  My number one concern (err excuse) was not being able to nurse him because of a lost supply.  I didn’t want to feel like I was neglecting my son.  Sadly, the truth was that if I had continued down the path I was heading down I would have been neglecting him.

By his first birthday he was well adjusted to walking (he started at 8.5 months) and had nearly mastered running.  I remember chasing him down our hallway (our very short hallway) and getting winded.  It scared me.  I had the realization that some day soon my son would be fast enough to get away from me.  What would I do if I couldn’t catch him?  What if he wriggled away and ran in front of a car because I couldn’t react quickly enough because I was too out of shape?  I needed to do something so that I could commit to being the best mom I could be.

I didn’t want to be the “fat mom” anymore.  I needed to be the healthy mom.  I wanted to be the healthy mom.  I wanted to get my life back.  I also didn’t want to plan on a second child until I had dropped the extra weight.  I’ve read too many articles about how moms who don’t lose the baby weight within the first 6 months were more likely to not lose it and to continue to gain with each subsequent pregnancy.  I could not fathom being any bigger than I already was and I didn’t want to become a statistic.  I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it for myself and for my family.