Holiday Gift Guide For Your Athletic Friends

Are you still struggling to find the perfect gift for your fit friends?  Well, I have got you covered.  Sometimes we need a little more than another piece of gym equipment, sometimes we need something to help keep us at our best and on top of our game.

As a trainer and someone who puts her body through a lot of stress, I know the importance of recovery and this item is perfect for that.  Meet the Myobuddy Pro massager, a tool that takes myofacial release to the extreme.


The myobuddy is a percussive massager with 3 settings to meet every need that you may face as an active person.  You can go light for an easy gentle massage, go to setting 2 for a deeper massage (use the edge to go even deeper), and setting 3 (the friction setting) is perfect for heating things up a increasing blood flow.


It’s the perfect gift for any active individual in your life.  It’s even a great gift for couples and a fun new twist for partner massage.  I have carpal tunnel that flares up if I try to give my husband massages, this massager takes that problem out of the equation.  I’m now able to help my husband out when he has stiff shoulders from a long day of work and he’s able to return the favor to workout my tight hamstrings.

So, if you’re still on the struggle bus trying to pinpoint the perfect gift for your friends or family visit and use code SPFIT to save $100 off of your purchase.

What do you have on your wishlist this holiday?  Are you looking for equipment to challenge your body or are you hoping to find something to aid with recovery?


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