Product Review & Giveaway: Whistle Labs #WhistleFit GPS & Activity Tracker

How do you stay active with your four-legged family member(s)?  Does your pup get as much activity as its furry companions?  Are you doing your best to keep them healthy and moving?


Did you know there is now a great way to help boost both you and your pup’s activity?

The Whistle Fit GPS & Activity Tracker is a fun new way to get connected with your furball’s daily activity and to also keep a close eye on them (if they so happen to be escape artists who love to roam).  This nifty gadget is the perfect gift for your family and friends who share their lives with curious canine companions. 


So what in the heck does this thing do?  Is it really like fitbit for dogs?

Whistle GPS Pet Tracker combines the best on-collar GPS tracking device with a simple mobile app, putting your pet’s needs and location right at your fingertips whenever you need it.

  • On-demand alerts – Receive notifications via app and text alerts when your pet leaves their home zone.
  • Nationwide coverage – Whistle uses cellular and GPS technology to track your dog’s location anywhere in the U.S.
  • Health monitoring – Track your dog’s activity and rest for key insights about their behavior and health.
  • Durable + waterproof – Designed to go anywhere with your pet.
  • Easy to use – Attaches to any collar or harness up to 1″ wide

In short, yes, it does act like a fitbit for dogs, but it has a few more fun features.  The most important and usable feature (in my opinion) is the GPS location tracking.


The app allows you to designate a specific zone radius and if your dog leaves that zone you’ll receive notification of their whereabouts.  I was able to stalk my husband on a walk one day and found him and Harley based on the live tracking feature.

You can also connect with fellow users to compare activity levels for similar pets.  I noticed that dogs like Harley were slightly less active, so I specifically made it my goal to double his overall activity level in comparison.


I loved being able to see when Harley’s activity trends were highest and was fond of the daily updates.  I’ll admit, I was a bit concerned when I saw the amount of rest time he was getting, but he’s still a pup and in my experience pups sleep/rest A LOT.  In fact, I’m fairly certain this must be common of most dogs (considering how much more active Harley was than others).



Now, let’s get down to the nitty gritty! What did I think?   I’ve compiled a list of pros and cons for the device and would definitely recommend it.


  • Sturdy and waterproof
  • Long lasting battery life (I only charged it twice in the month that I used it).
  • Ability to add multiple users to the account.
  • GPS tracking updates for out of zone activity (easy way to find your runaway pup)
  • Easy to use app.
  • Brings awareness to your pet’s day-to-day activity (you can see how your life’s activities impact their’s).
  • Fun way to boost your and your pet’s daily activity.
  • Easy to set up.


  • Inconsistent in auto-updates for daily activity.  I often needed to press the page button on the home base to get the tracker to update its activity in the app. I would prefer immediate real-time updates for his activity.
  • Limited number of people I knew using the app.
  • Requires a subscription service to work.

I’m curious to see how things change as Harley ages and look forward to using this device even after my trial runs out.  I’m impressed that such a techy device comes at a reasonably affordable price.  I might just need to gift one to my mother!  Our family dog has always been a bit of a wanderer and I think this would be a great way to give her a peace of mind.

What do you think?  Does this seem like a silly product?  Or like something you would like to try?

Guess what?  I have two ways for you to get your hands on one of these!  You can either enter my giveaway for a chance to win one device (+3 months subscription) or you can buy one and save $30 off of your purchase with the code: WhistleFit (expires 11/23)

How to enter (follow the rafflecopter link to enter):

  • Instagram about the giveaway, using the tag #WhistleFit
  • Tweet about the giveaway, tagging #WhistleFit
  • Follow Whistle on Insta, Twitter, and Facebook



Disclaimer:  This is an unbiased review.  As an SPA, I am often provided with opportunities to review certain fitness/health related products.  I was not paid for my review, but did receive a free product for testing.


Why Is Fat Funny? Is Being Fit And Healthy Really “Living The Life”?

So, I was busy watching (aka bingeing) on Friends episodes a few of weeks ago (thank you sick time) when I had an epiphany of sorts.  Most of us are familiar with the popular sitcom and know that one of the main characters, Monica was “fat” in her younger years.  In flashback episodes you get a glimpse of young Monica (in a fat suit).

Photo: Courtesy of Warner Bros.
Photo: Courtesy of Warner Bros.
The thing that got to me was the way her character was portrayed when she was fat; a person who lacked self-control and binge ate her feelings.  It also poked fun at her in the scenes and showed her as the goofy “fat friend” who comically danced about and got stuck in bean bag chairs  because she was too large to get up.  Later in the series you learn that the reason she lost weight was because of a cruel comment she had overheard Chandler make on Thanksgiving.

A year later, her character was then transformed into who we see on the show now, a thin and beautiful woman.  Overly competitive, meticulously clean, and well-disciplined (she’s a chef who doesn’t overindulge in her fare), she’s a completely different person.  Yet, they do have moments when they sneak in some lingerings of “Fat Monica” and her insecurities show (i.e. the episode where she learns Chandler dumped a girl because she got too fat).

This is not the first and likely not the last time we’ll see something like this. Another favorite show of mine is New Girl.  They too have a main character, Schmidt, who used to be fat and the flashbacks more often than not poke fun at his “fat person” status.

His character is now portrayed as a narcissistic ladies’ man who continually comes off as douchey.   There are even a few episodes where he begins (secretly) dating his college girlfriend (from his fat days).  BUT he feels like he needs to hide it and is ashamed of his feelings for her because he has his trophy of an ex to compare her to.

I could go on and on spitting out examples of how being fat is portrayed in the media.  In the majority of cases it’s the butt of a bad joke or something portrayed in a shameful manner.  I guess that’s part of the deal though, we’ve conditioned to laugh at it or look at it in disgust.

Is being fat (or shall I say having fat) truly a laughing matter?  And why are these “ex-fat” people always written to turn into these type-A over achievers?

Is it all just for show?

I say yes and no.  Many studies suggest that someone who used to obsess over food in an indulgent manner is also likely to do a complete 180 and flip the switch with an obsession of “the healthy life”.  There is even a new eating disorder called orthorexia nervosa, which literally means “fixation on righteous eating.”

It can become a psychological game and ultimately end in disaster.  This is why so many people struggle on the maintenance side of things or with disordered eating after they strive for a healthier lifestyle.

It’s finding that sweet spot that can be tricky, but there are ways to check yourself before you literally wreck yourself.

Checkout these 20 signs that you’re too obsessed with your weight:

1) You weigh yourself multiple times a day

2) You count every calorie

3) You feel yourself up

4) You believe thinness will solve your problems

5) You see food in black and white

6) You’re adding more and more foods to your forbidden list

7) You’re skipping social functions

8) You have to cut your food into bite-sized pieces

9) Your workout is always your top priority

10) You’re always up on the newest diet craze

11) You check everybody out

12) You fetishize skinny pics

13) You have tricks to avoid eating

14) You’re a slave to Fitbit

15) You eat only 100% organic, 100% of the time

16) You beat yourself up for bad behavior

17) You love your selfie more than yourself

18) You feel more lovable when you’re thin

19) You bring your own salad dressing

20) You’ve lost your other passions

Where do you fall on the spectrum?  I’ll admit, I have faced my moments of obsession when it comes to weight loss and body image, but I’ve become aware of these instances and things that trigger that mentality.

I’m a firm believer in finding the balance so that healthier habits can be maintained in the long run.  Knowing that a five-pound fluctuation on the scale is normal and not acting like it’s the end of the world is healthy.  But why is it still so hard to accept the triumphs without going overboard?

For one, we live in a society of smoke and mirrors.  Social media has made it so easy for people to only share the highlight reels of their lives.  It all looks so easy for them, they’re thin, they eat all of the foods, and never workout, but are also sporting abs.

Truth be told, those are just the snippets.  I’m sure not every meal is a heap of fries with a 1 pound burger and I’m sure they are in fact spending some time in the gym (despite what they say).  And, guess what?  They probably have their fat days too and battle that same stubborn 5-10lbs like you. When they sit down they have a roll in those perfectly sculpted abs.

Smoke and mirrors.

What are your thoughts?  Do you notice these “ex-fat” characters as well?  Do you recognize yourself in them?  Does it offend you?