Race Recap: The Color Run Shine, Rochester NY 5/23/15

This past weekend I experienced the joy of my very first color run.  It was made extra special because it was also my very first race with my momma!  As a 64th birthday gift to her, I invited her along with me and she eagerly trained and prepared for the race during the month of May.

This was by far the best race that a newbie runner can do (lots of walk breaks built into the race).  She was a little nervous because she’d only been training for 4 weeks, but I told her I wouldn’t leave her side.


She did wonderfully and I followed her throughout the course and did my best to give her the gentle nudge when she needed it.    

The walk breaks came at each color check point (and occasionally in between).  They provided perfect opportunities for midrace selfies.  

We had a blast and I couldn’t be more proud of my momma for accomplishing her first 5k race.  She did amazing!!

I love that this run was the perfect starting point for her.  She’s definitely caught the run bug and is eager for her next big race.  I’m so proud of you mama!!


Do you love The Color Run?!  How many have you done?  

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