Product Review & Giveaway: Ozzy Gear Impact Armbands

**I did not get paid for my review, but did receive free product.  As always, my experiences and opinions are my own.  As a blogger and fitness enthusiast I do my best to provide true and honest accounts of fitness products that I’ve used.

Runner 1 HR

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a rep from Ozzy Gear Impact Armbands and was so graciously offered an opportunity to both review and giveaway their product.  So, what’s so special about these armbands?


I’ve had my share of armbands for my iPhone/iPod before and the majority of them didn’t hold up well over time.  Ozzy Gear has worked hard to create a product that stands up to the test of time.

Upon inspection, you can see the durability of this product.  It is made of neoprene and is pieced together with durable stitching and strong velcro.

One of my favorite things about this band is that it’s adjustable to fit many arm widths.  Option A fits arm sizes approx. 8″-11.5″ and Option B fits arm sizes approx. 11.5″-14″.  This is great for those of us with larger arms and also provides multiple ways to be worn.

When I run and am using my tracking app I like to wear the band on my forearm so that it’s more easily accessible.  I also choose this option when I’m training my arms.  I don’t like to have it strapped to my bicep while my muscles expand and contract because I find it to be restrictive.  Having the alternative option takes care of this issue.


I used the band with my iPhone 5S (includes case) and it fit comfortably and protected my phone from the elements.  I’ve worn the band multiple times through wet snow and freezing rain and my phone was left dry and unharmed.  The armband stands up to its description of being durable, but within a few weeks there was minor wear present at the insertion point.


This doesn’t seem to have any effect on the product and my only real complaint is that the camera hole doesn’t really line up well with my phone.  I suppose that is the trouble with a band that is designed to fit many models of phone.  Per their website, “It’s a perfect fit for iPhone 6 (4.7) and Galaxy S5. Also fits many iPhone 5/5S/5C and iPhone 4/4S with protective cases on. Does not fit iPhone 6 (5.5).” 

Now let’s get to that giveaway!!  I’ve got three of these babies up for grabs and there are multiple ways to enter! You can earn chances to win by commenting below or by following me on Instagram and sharing my giveaway photo with the hashtag #SarahGriffFitOZZYGEAR, you can also tweet this post with the same hashtag.

I will be selecting and announcing the winners on Valentine’s Day so be sure to get entered! You can enter as many times as you want via Instagram/Twitter, but can only earn one entry for commenting below.

In addition to my giveaway I’ve got a $3 off discount code to share with you all.  Use code “SARAHFIT” for $3 off the purchase of an armband (good through midnight 2/28/2015).

Do you use an armband during your workouts?  Have you tried Ozzy Gear bands yet?

Product & Workout Review: ActivMotion Bar

**This is a paid review, but my experiences and opinions are my own.  As a blogger and fitness enthusiast I do my best to provide true and honest accounts of fitness products and routines.  


A few weeks ago I was awarded the opportunity to review the new ActivMotion Bar.  Have you heard of it?

Clear Bar-1

What is an ActivMotion Bar?  Acting on the premise of stability training the bar is filled with rolling weights that move as you work to stabilize them all while engaging your core.  This action of engaging and disrupting movements is called Disruptive Training.

“Disruptive Training progresses people through three phases of training, with the end results being increased core strength, improved mind-muscle activation and awareness, and smart muscles that will protect and perform.”

The closest thing I’ve tried to this were fluid filled pvc pipes at a crossfit booth last summer.  I remember being thrown off-balance when I used the bar for the routine, the shift of weight made the overhead squats that much more of a challenge.  So when I learned about what this bar did it seemed like it would be a great way to boost my workouts.


Upon initial receipt of the bar I was a little disappointed in the weight.  I like to consider myself a strong woman and figured that this 6 lb bar wouldn’t have much to offer in the form of challenging my body.  Let me tell you this, I was wrong.


I had just started up with Body Beast and many of the exercises called for a standard weight bar (which I didn’t have).  After seeing Tony Horton use the bar in some of his routines I figured it would be just as easy to adapt it to my own program.


It’s come in use the most during leg day and I’ve found it to be great for focusing on proper form during those hefty leg exercises.  I have weak knees so there is no need (or desire) for me to go heavy on the weights when lunging and squatting so the bar worked well to challenge my form.


After using the bar to focus on form during my Body Beast workouts I decided to change things up and give it a go and test out some of the moves in the Movement Library.


This bar is perfect for core work!  It’s something that I often neglect (unless it’s built into my routine) and I was glad to see moves geared towards building my core strength.


Moves that might otherwise seem simple were amplified when I added in the bar.  Hip bridges and heel touches never felt more challenging.  I stood corrected and was thoroughly impressed with the workout.

I’ve yet to get through every workout DVD that came with the bar, but liked what I have seen so far.  At home workouts are obviously not new to me so I have a lot to offer in comparison.

My only gripe with the workout DVDs that I’ve tried so far is that they are obviously low-budget production quality.  The first DVD I used had issues of blacking out a couple of times through the workout and there weren’t any bells and whistles.  This is not a deal breaker.  If you’re determined to get a good workout in, then these minor issues won’t bother you much.

I blame my bias for these DVDs on my overuse of Beachbody programs and the like.  I’ll admit, I always compare other workout DVDs to my BB collection and it’s a hard habit to break. I’ve been using their programs for so long and have become conditioned to the format.

I do however see the value of a great product and look forward to using this piece of equipment in the future and adapting it to my current Beachbody routines.
Screen shot 2015-02-03 at 8.57.53 AMFor more information on the bar and how to order your own be sure to visit to view their great selection of products.  The bar is available in various weight increments and there are great combination kits up for grabs.