Runner’s Woes: Feeling Like A Turtle

It’s no secret, I am a slow runner.  Heck, this blog is aptly named Slow Mo Mother Runner for a reason!  Anyhow, I’m nearly finished with my second month of marathon training and I can’t help but feel the looming doubt creep in.  I feel like I am getting slower!

How come I’m not getting faster?!  One month ago I was regularly seeing 10:10-10:40 splits for my 5ks and felt I was on the right track, but today I am struggling to hit sub 11:00 splits.  I’m not quite sure what is going on, but I want to make a change.  I want to be faster!

I’ve been considering changing up my training, but am not quite sure where to begin.  This whole running thing is still fairly new to me and when I look at training plans and various routines to get faster I begin to get a touch confused and overwhelmed.  Another factor could be that my body needs more fuel.  I recently discovered that my RMR is 1590 and I’m typically consuming that amount of calories which means I am falling short and my body might be fighting me.

I went for a short mile run the other day just to see how fast I could go if i was going at a slightly higher pace than normal.  I ran the mile in 9:41.  Nothing too crazy, but it did show me that my body is capable of going faster.  Now, it’s a matter of building the endurance at that pace and then working on increasing said pace.
Are you trying to get speedier?  What has worked for you?

One thought on “Runner’s Woes: Feeling Like A Turtle

  1. I think running intervals on flat surfaces has worked best for me. My best 5k time last year was about 33 minutes. In spring, after starting half marathon training, I knocked it down to 31 minutes. During half training, I was doing various interval workouts, such as 6x800m (half mile) at 5k pace, with a quarter mile recovery between. Some were longer, like 3×1 mile at 5k pace, with a quarter mile recovery. I did these once a week for 6 weeks or so in the middle of my training. (I focused on goal pace running towards the end.) I also knocked 40 minutes off my half time in that period, but that wasn’t solely due to speed training.

    When I started 5k training in the summer, I stuck to quarter mile intervals at faster than my goal 5k pace (also with a quarter mile recovery). I knocked my 5k time down further to 29 minutes.

    Hoping to knock another 15 mins or so off my half time when I start training again in the fall, so I have 8 weeks of speed intervals planned in the middle of my training.

    I know running hills is also supposed to help, but I hate them and am more likely to skip them than just flat interval workouts.

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